Our Hair Extensions are premium quality human hair, very clean, natural ,soft, comb easily, there are no synthetic, no animal hair, we choose high quality hair which was cut off from young ladies directly, there is no chemical treatment.They can be easily Curled, Dyed and Styled by your favor!

General Care

(1) Please only wash the hair with conditioner. (once 2 week).
(2) De-tangle hair gently before washing. Please do not rub or twist the hair.
(3) Please add conditioner to warm water and swish the hair till clean. Rinse thoroughly.
(4) Blot out excess water with tower and allow hair to dry naturally. Please do not expose in the sun.
(5) Please do not brush the hair when it is still wet. Please comb the curly hair with your fingers. Don't take each small curl of hair apart, and for the wavy and curly hair, it is helpful to use some gel to hold the texture pattern after washing, but not too much.
(6) Brush straight hair in a downward motion straight with the ends. Please work your way up to the roots.
(7) Avoid overusing of hot curlers and flat-irons, which will shorten the using-time of hair than it should be.
(8) Please use some nutrition water or a protection when you perm or dye the hair.
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